Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for August

Sunday 19th    Our Sunday School Group,  Kids for Christ is taking a well earned rest this month . We pray it will return in September full of enthusiasm and brilliant ideas. We thank you for Viv and all those who help.  

Monday 20th    People give so generously to our Food Bank Collection.  We are sad that this is needed in this, our Welfare State but so thankful for it and for Pat who transports it to the various distributeon points.  Bless all who have to use it and those who administer it.

Tuesday 21st   Our Call-In Coffee Morning has been going for many years.  May it welcome any new people with open arms and encourage them to return. We thank all those who help.

Wednesday 22nd   Each Wednesday, a communion service is held, attended by a small number of people.  We thank Danny and Ralph for presiding and making this a very special time of worship.

Thursday 23rd  We pray for our neighbours  those who live close by and people we come in contact with in everyday life. Jesus told us

to love our neighbours as we do ourselves. Can we live up to this?

Friday 24th    We ask that Danny and Ralph may be strengthened in their ministry by the Holy Spirit and men and women will continue to be called to ordination

Saturday 25th   Today we thank you for our friends and all we have shared with them over the years, the parties, the

 holidays, the meals and outings  and sadnesses we have shared.

Sunday 26th  On this,  the Lord’s Day , we think of  our churches, St. Paul’s and St. Luke’s and the sadness we feel at the imminent closure of St. Luke’s.  We pray for understanding in the community and that we can go forward with support knowing we have made the right decision.

Monday 27th    Today is a Bank Holiday.  May it be a time of rest and relaxation, a time to spend with friends and family. We pray for those who have to work today to keep essential  services going .

Tuesday 28th    We pray for our councillors, Liz Smaje, Robert Light and Mark Thonpson. Bless them as they answer the call to public duty.  May their actions be beneficial to our community.

Wednesday 29th     Give us joy in our faith Lord and open and generous hearts. Help us to be open to new ideas and initiatives and not stuck in the past. What happened yesterday has gone: let us make today count. We will never have this time again.

Thursday 30th   Our Music Festival is fast approaching.  Let all the planning that has gone into it be worthwhile, that it will again be a great community event and many, many people will come through our church doors to enjoy talented musicians, food, wine and fellowship.

Friday 31st.   The new academic year is almost upon us..  We think about our young people, going to school for the first time or to a new class or school, college or university or into the big wide world of work.  Make their experiences fruitful and worthy.  Help them to become responsible citizens in our society.



This month’s prayer diary has been compiled by  Barbara Thornton