Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for May

Wednesday  9th
Lord, bless our schools and all who workin them, adults and children. May they be blessed, loved, wanted and respected.

Thursday 10th  - Ascension Day
When we cannot see the way forward, Lord, may we learn to trust your plans and your timing.

Friday 11th  
God to enfold you, Christ to uphold you,Spirit to keep you in heaven’s sight.

Saturday 12th  
“So may God grace you, heal and embrace you, lead you through darkness into the light” (J.Bell)

Sunday 13th 
Dear Lord, give me a deeper understanding of your love – help me to appreciate who you have created me to be.

Monday 14th 
Dear God, renew my identity in you – give me the confidence to know that I am loved by you today and always.

Tuesday 15th
Thank you, Father, that you delight in me and that nothing can separate me from your love.

Wednesday 16th 
Heavenly Father, thank you that even when I lose sight of you – you do not lose sight of me.

Thursday 17th 
Grant, dear Lord, that these few minutes with you may send us out to be kinder to others, more honest with ourselves and loyal to you.

Friday 18th
Dear God we have the Good News of Jesus,we pray for those who have not heard it or have chosen to ignore it.

Saturday 19th – Royal Wedding
Dear Lord, bless all those who are getting married today – may they go forward with you.

Sunday 20th - Pentecost 
“This is the day the Spirit came” – may we rejoice and be glad today and always.

Monday 21st 
We pray today for all those who care for others, that they may be strengthened and show kindness and good humour.

Tuesday 22nd 
Dear Father God, please bless all those who would lead your people – give them insight, courage and faith to keep going, with your grace.

Wednesday 23rd 

Dear Lord we pray for our brothers and sisters in Magoma “When I needed a   neighbour were you there?”

Thursday 24th  – John and Charles Wesley 
Thank you, Lord, for the great witness of the Wesley brothers, still encouraging us today.

Friday 25th  
Dear God, I come to worship you, help me to be still and listen to your voice. Fill me with joy and praise.

Saturday 26th 
“Lord in all our doings guide us, pride and hate shall ne’er divide us, we’ll go on with  Thee beside us, and with joy we’ll persevere.

Sunday 27th – Trinity Sunday
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, lead me and guide me into your truth.

Monday 28th  – Bank Holiday 
“Give me joy in my heart keep me praising.Sing Hosannah!”

Tuesday 29th 
Dear Lord, you are my shelter and my rock – keep me safe today.

Wednesday 30th 
Thank you Lord that you understand me – Let me practice your presence and keep close to you.

Thursday 31st – Visit of Mary to Elizabeth 
Thank you, Lord, for friends and mentors in Christ, as we continue on our pilgrimage.