Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for February 2019


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, 

Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 

Where there is injury, pardon, 

Where there is despair, hope; 

Where there is darkness, light 

Where there is sadness, joy. 

For the sake of your Son, our 

Saviour, Jesus Christ.   Amen 


Friday 1st.  Let the rumble of traffic diminish and the song of the birds grow clear, and may the Son of God come striding towards you on these stones. (St Aidan’s Chapel, Bradford Cathedral) 

Saturday 2nd.  Lord, bless all places of refreshment, not only of the body but of the soul. Feed us as we search for your truth. 

Sunday 3rd.  Today is the celebration of Candlemas in Church.  Lord God, you kept faith with Simeon and Anna and showed them the infant King. Give us grace to put our trust in Your promises. 

Monday 4th.Give us all patience and trust that You will answer our prayers, understanding that we are only part of the plan You have set before us.  

Tuesday 5th.  Refresh our small groups, Lord, and all those who meet together to hear your word and ponder the mysteries of life as we come together in love and friendship. 

Wednesday 6th. Pray that God will speak to you loudly and that you will hear; that God will act mightily and you will recognise His will for you. 

Thursday 7th.  We pray for all who are lonely.  Let us share our time with others showing understanding and compassion and taking joy wherever we go. 

Friday 8th.  February can bring difficult days.  Help us to keep Your light shining in all we do and wait for the sun to come out again. 

Saturday 9th. Bless today Lord, all those who work in shops, serving others. Bless all those who visit them.  Help us to be thankful for all we can afford. 

Sunday 10th.  Today Lord, we think of those who have very little to spend on the essential things of life.  Bless our food bank and clothes collections. Thank you for every gift of generosity. 

Monday 11th.  Peoples’ love for others shown by donating gifts constantly amazes us here at St. Paul’s. Thank you Lord for touching their hearts. 

Tuesday 12th. Help us , your people, to serve the stranger and the friend as we meet at Call-In today. 

Wednesday 13th.  Creator God, encircle us; let love be our reason, let hate and dislike be a stranger.  Circle us and let joy be our comfort. 

Thursday 14th. Circle us Lord and let sadness and doubt be cast away.  Let peace and understanding be our aim. 

Friday 15th.  Bless all our children over the half-term holidays.  As with every generation, they have new facts and understanding to learn in this fast developing world.  Help us to understand and support. 

Saturday 16th. We thank you for a time to rest and a time to visit new places. Help us to get the balance of work and play in tune with one another so that all our potential is fulfilled in whatever You choose for us. 

Sunday 17th. Racial Justice Sunday. Lord, justice between nations is always before us. You, who disrupt our neat borders, help us to see the bigger picture and seek always the ‘right way’ between nations. 

Monday 18th.  Dear Father, our country seems fractured and uncertain at the moment, causing bewilderment and fear for the future.  We trust our leaders will turn to You for guidance.  If they do not, please hear our plea that You will lead this nation in the ways of peace and strength, ensuring compassion and justice for all. 

Tuesday 19th.  Your beautiful world continues to amaze us with the wonder of the sunrises and sunsets and the peeping through of the first shoots of Spring.  Help us to care for your world and not spoil it with our greed and laziness. 

Wednesday 20th.  We pray for all caught up in natural disasters as well as man-made catastrophes. Be there, dear Father, in every situation to comfort and bring hope.  

Thursday 21st.  We pray for the children of our link parish of Magoma, Tanzania.  Continue to Give them your joy as they sing and dance, and guide their leaders to help them to have the necessities of life.  Thank you for the generosity of this parish as we send financial help when possible. 

Friday 22nd.  Today, we think of those suffering abuse at home, at work or bullying in schools. Help us, O Lord to show our utter contempt of this behaviour.  Help us support the victims with love and understanding and bring the perpetrators to justice. 

Saturday 23rd.  Today is the Breakfast ‘Hub.’ Bless all who give their time and energy to make this happen.  Bless all who come through our door that they may find a welcome. 

Sunday 24th.  We pray for all those in pain, those facing difficult procedures; those ill at home, in hospital, hospices, or care homes.  Be close to them and give them Your courage and comfort. 

Monday 25th.  Today and every day we remember those watching over loved ones, those who are finding it difficult to care for others.  Help us all to remember that that Your presence can be there in every situation if we only ask You.  

Tuesday 26th.  Thank you, dear Father, for all the emergency services; for those who do their best in very difficult and sometimes dangerous situations.  Be close to them, giving them patience, courage and protection.    

Wednesday 27th.  Thank you, Lord, for all that we have – our homes, food and water.  Help us not to take things for granted and be with us if we grumble and help us ’count our blessings’ 

Thursday 28th.  Bring us Lord, a sense of hope that our new twice monthly children’s ‘Sunday Crew’ will find inspiration and joy as they spend time with the children who come along to our Morning Services. 


Circle me this night. 

Keep peace within 

and anger without. 


Circle me this night. 

Keep comfort within 

and hardship without.  


Circle my home this night. 

Keep safety within 

and danger without. 


My life is in Your hands. 

Hold me gently as I rest. 

(from Holy Island, Lindisfarne) 


This month’s prayer diary has been compiled by Sheila Fawcett