Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for October

Wednesday 4 St Francis

Lord God, you made your church rich through the poverty of blessed Francis: help us like him not to trust in earthly things but to seek your heavenly gifts; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Thursday 5 Start! Course – opening session

Heavenly Father we ask that you bless our time together this evening as we begin the Start! Course. Pray that all those who attend may have open hearts and minds to exploring the Christian faith in an innovative way.


Friday 6 William Tyndale, translator of the scriptures & reformation martyr 1536

Lord, give to your people grace to hear and keep your word that, after the example of William Tyndale, we may not only profess your gospel but also be ready to suffer and die for it, to the honour of your name.


Saturday 7 Voces Seraphorum Concert 7pm

Give thanks for all who are gifted with musical abilities and this evening we look forward to hearing the Chamber choir who will be entertaining us in St Paul’s. Pray that the concert will be well supported.


Sunday 8 KfC - Sunday school.

Pray for our young people and for those involved in ministry to children in the church. Give thanks for those who tirelessly give of their time, energy and resources preparing and teaching in our Sunday School (KfC). Ask that their labours bear good fruit.


Monday 9 Pray for our home groups, for those who lead them and those who attend. Pray that they may be places of good fellowship and where discipleship is developed.


Tuesday 10 Chapter meeting; Film night

Pray for today’s Chapter meeting. May those members of Clergy from our local area who are meeting today be encouraged by the fellowship they share and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Wednesday 11 James the deacon, companion of Paulinus

Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the legacy left by James who at some risk to himself served you by preaching and baptizing in North Yorkshire many hundreds of years ago.


Thursday 12 Start! Course – session 2

Continue to pray for those attending the Start! Course. Joining together to say the LYCiG Prayer (printed on the front of this prayer diary).


Friday 13

Pray for your neighbours, those you bump into on the street or in the local shop or hairdressers/barbers. Pray for opportunities to share the Good News with those you meet.


Saturday 14 Wedding @ St Paul’s

Dear Father, bless the marriage of Craig and Jane. We ask that their special day be brimming full of lovely moments. May the love that they share grow and may they be very happy together.


Sunday 15 Harvest Festival at St Paul’s

Creator God, you are the source of all good things and on you we depend. Give us eyes to see that truth and hearts to be thankful. We pray for our link diocese of Mara and ask for your blessing on all the people there.


Monday 16

We thank you, Lord, that you call and use people with different gifts to build your kingdom. Use us, our gifts, talents, time & resources to further your kingdom in this place.


Tuesday 17 Collective Worship EB Primary School

Give thanks for the opportunity Danny has to be involved within the life of our local Church Schools. Pray that he will be inspired with fresh ideas and interesting ways of presenting the gospel that will keep the children engaged.


Wednesday 18  St Luke. 

Almighty God, you called Luke the physician, whose praise is in the gospel, to be an evangelist and physician of the soul: by the grace of the Spirit and through the wholesome medicine of the gospel, give your church the same love and power to heal; through Jesus Christ your son our Lord.


Thursday 19 Start! Course – session 3

Continue to pray for those attending the Start! Course. Joining together to say the LYCiG Prayer (printed on the front of this prayer diary).


Friday 20 Schools break up today for their half term holiday

Pray that pupils, teachers and ancillary staff will have an enjoyable and refreshing holiday.


Saturday 21 Sundown Swing Band at St Paul’s

Heavenly Father, we ask you to bless our Social Events Calendar and as we get together this evening to share good food, fellowship and foot-tapping tunes from the Swing Band may our spirits be lifted and hearts filled with joy.


Sunday 22

Pray for all who enter St Luke’s and St Paul’s today that they may experience an encounter with God.


Monday 23 James of Jerusalem, brother of our Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you that after your resurrection you appeared to James, and endowed him with gifts of leadership for your Church: may we, who have known you now in the breaking of bread, be people of prayer and reconciliation; we ask this for your love’s sake.


Tuesday 24

Give thanks for our Lay Readers, Julie Perry, Noeline Page and Eric Nichols and all members of the ministry team who assist in the life of the church here in East Bierley & Birkenshaw.


Wednesday 25 Communion at St Paul’s

Dear Lord Jesus, as we break bread together in this intimate setting may we remember your promise that where two or three are gathered together you are there in the midst of them. May all who attend sense your presence and have a personal encounter with you.


 Thursday 26 St Cedd of Lastingham: Start! Course(4)

Father God, your mercy reaches to the heavens, your goodness knows no end. Let your love and peace be known among us, that we may draw others to worship you through the Start Course just as St Cedd did throughout his lifetime; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Friday 27

Praise God for all those who are training to become Lay Readers or ordained ministers. Pray that they may grow in grace and be empowered by the Holy Spirit as they pursue their vocation. In particular from our own benefice pray for Andy Wilkinson who is training to be a Reader.


Saturday 28 Simon and Jude, apostles

Lord God, the source of truth and love, keep us faithful to the apostle’s teaching and fellowship, united in prayer and the breaking of bread, and one in joy and simplicity of heart, in Jesus our Lord.


Sunday 29

Thank you, O my Father,

for giving us your Son,

 and leaving your Spirit

‘til the work on earth is done


Monday 30

Pray for the residential homes for the elderly in our area. Pray that the residents receive the love and attention they need and ask God to bless those who have the responsibility of caring for them.


Tuesday 31 Martin Luther Reformer 1546

Behold Lord, an empty vessel that needs to be filled. My Lord, fill it. I am weak in the faith; strengthen me. I am cold in love; warm me and make me fervent, that my love may go out to my neighbour. I do not have a strong and firm faith; at times I doubt and am unable to trust you altogether. O Lord, help me. Strengthen my faith and trust in you. (Martin Luther)