Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for March

March – That come before the swallow dares and takes the winds of March with beauty.

Wm Shakespeare  1564-1616

Thursday 1st (St. David's Day) Dewi Sant

As light is poured onto the mountain tops and as fresh rain is sprinkled on the hill, help us to be good carers of one another and of Your great and glorious creation.

Friday 2nd (World day of prayer)

Today we are encouraged to be aware of the problems of other countries and cultures. Let us pray with them and for them on this special day.

Saturday 3rd

We pray for couples who are planning to be married. May God bless them and walk with them through this time of planning and preparation.

Sunday 4th

We thank You for the example of those who preach and teach the faith. Grant that we too may have the courage to tell your story to others.

Monday 5th

Let us pray for our schools. We ask God to give wisdom to the governors and teachers in the vital work they carry out with our young people.

Tuesday 6th (Call in)

Today we think of all those who drop in today at St. Paul's for a drink and a chat. May they be refreshed spiritually as well as physically. We give thanks for the volunteers who run Call in for the benefit of others.

Wednesday 7th  (For the bereaved)

Lord You make nothing in vain and love all that You made. Comfort those in sorrow and console them with the knowledge of Your unfailing love.

Thursday 8th  (International Women's day)

We commemorate this day and thank God that in this country we enjoy equal rights. We pray that all countries may move towards fairness for every section of society.

Friday 9th

Today we pray for families where there is division, separation and unhappiness. In Your love we trust.

Saturday 10th  (The Hub)

We thank God for the food and fellowship at St. Luke's this morning. Thank you for the people who prepare the food, showing their love through their actions.

Sunday 11th  (Mothering Sunday)

Today in quiet reflection and memory, we bring to mind the love of our Mothers for us, in childhood and beyond. Dear Lord, a Mother's love is a reflection of Your love shown to us.

Monday 12th  (Commonwealth day)

We thank God for the 52 member states of the Commonwealth, nations far and wide across the World. It was established with all members free and equal. We pray that this remains the same today.

Tuesday 13th  (Film night – Oliver)

Lord we come together in fellowship. Oliver was a boy suffering from hunger. Let us remember those who struggle to feed their families in every country. Let us thank God for the people who work in and donate to the food bank.

Wednesday 14th  (Mother's Union)

The Mary Sumner prayer- All this day, O Lord let me touch as many lives as possible for thee, and every life I touch, do then by thy spirit quicken, whether through the word I speak, the prayer I breathe or the life I lead.

Thursday 15th  (Ides of March)

In Roman times this was a time of religious observance similar to our Lent. We give thanks to God because through Him we have been given the spirit of discipline, that we may triumph over evil and grow in grace.

Friday 16th

Father we thank you for our family life. Help us in our Church to build with You the kind of family that welcomes all, the young, the old, the lonely and the needy.

Saturday 17th  (St. Patrick's day)

We celebrate this day with a special Irish prayer: The seed is Christ's, the granary is Christ's. In the granary of God may we be gathered. The sea is Christ's, the fishes are Christ's. In the nets of God may we all meet.

Sunday 18th

Today we pray for our young people in KFC. We thank God for their presence in our midst, how they enhance our Church family.


Monday 19th

We also remember those who give their time and energy preparing and teaching in our Sunday school. We pray that their work will sow a seed that will grow and will last a lifetime.

Tuesday 20th  (Spring vernal equinox)

We thank God for the arrival of Spring. That signs of new life are all around us and that the days are lengthening.

Wednesday 21st

Thank you God, for Your gift of caring and Your gift of giving. Thank you that You care for us and for all the blessing that You give to us.

Thursday 22nd

We pray for our Small groups and our Nurture group. We give thanks that we have a safe space where we feel comfortable to share our joys, sorrows and worries, and to know that we are supported and never judged.

Friday 23rd

Dear Lord, You made a beautiful world for us to live in. Forgive us when we harm the things that you created. Help us to preserve and protect everything you made and to stop those who selfishly destroy it.


Saturday 24th  (St. Luke's Spring fair)

We pray for a good day for the Fair. May the weather be kind and may many people attend, coming together to help the work of the Church in East Bierley

Sunday 25th  (Palm Sunday)

BST begin. Lord Jesus, help us to understand the humility of Your journey to the Cross, so that we experience the glory of Your victory over sin and death. Alleluia!

Monday 26th  (Holy Week)

'Father forgive them' – We remember Jesus' forgiveness of the robber crucified with Him, and His forgiveness for us.

Tuesday 27th

'With me in Paradise' – The promise of the criminal who turned to Christ, even at the last moment, tells us the breadth of God's love and mercy towards us.

Wednesday 28th

'Woman, behold your Son' – We are members of the family of Christ and nothing can separate us from His love.

Thursday 29th (Maundy Thursday)

Jesus stooped to wash the feet of His disciples. May we be willing to stoop and wash the feet of the weary with the love and humility that God has shown us.

Friday 30th  (Good Friday)

'It is finished, Father into Your hands'. Jesus who died for me, help me to live for thee.

Saturday 31st  (Easter Saturday - Birkenshaw community dance)

Thank you that we can meet together to enjoy company and companionship. We look forward with anticipation to tomorrow and our joyful Easter celebrations


March's Prayer Diary was conpiled by Ruth May