Monthly Parish Prayer Diary



Prayer Diary

  August 2019


‘I believe that God is no timeless fate, but that he waits for and answers sincere prayers and responsible actions.’

             Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


This month’s Prayer Diary has been compiled by Noeline Page.

Thursday 1st  Yorkshire Day
Lord, as we celebrate our special day we thank you for creating the patchwork quilt which gives our county its special beauty; for its moors,  dales, and coast; for its towns, cities and industrial heritage, and for those who live and work within its boundaries.

Friday 2nd.  Lammas. 
On this day, we celebrate the cereal harvest, the first of our harvest festivals. We pray for all agricultural workers who labour to produce the crops so important in supporting life.

Saturday 3rd.
‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ We pray for those who work in the bakery industry, whose work converts the cereal crop into bread, which, in your body broken for us, is the source of life.

Sunday 4th.
Lord, we thank you that on the seventh day you rested from your work. Help us to value and protect our day of rest, so that we may be refreshed and strengthened for the daily round and the common task.

Monday 5th.  
As many of us prepare to pack for a summer holiday we pray for those who are unable to take a break; whose loneliness is underlined by empty houses, and quieter streets and shops. Help us to cheer them with a phone call or visit.

Tuesday 6th. The transfiguration.
Lord, your transfiguration was witnessed by your disciples, bringing them enlightenment and understanding. May your glory enlighten our path as we seek to follow you.

Wednesday 7th
We pray for all those who are called to ministry, especially for our new priest Karen, and her family, as they prepare, with us, to open a new chapter in their lives.

Thursday 8th.
Lord, guard and keep all those who undertake pilgrimages to Holy Places during this month. Help those who are home-based pilgrims to stay true to their ‘first avowed intent’ to follow in your footsteps.

Friday 9th  Mary Sumner, Founder of MU.
We pray for the work of the Mothers’ Union, for those who run groups, those who speak, and all who work to foster Christian family values.

Saturday 10th
We pray for all those who are about to be married, that their vows will be respected and they will share many loving years together.

Sunday 11th.
We pray for all, whether at home or abroad, who will join together in worship today. Draw us closer together regardless of race or denomination.
Monday 12th.
Help us to appreciate the simple things in life. Keep us mindful of the small everyday acts of friendship or kindness that ease our path and which sometimes go unappreciated.

Tuesday 13th. Florence Nightingale, d.1910.
We pray for all those who care for the sick, for nurses, doctors, and medical researchers; and for those who are responsible for managing our hospitals.

Wednesday 14th.
We remember that through all the chances and changes of this life you remain unchanging. Instil in us the will to mirror your steadfast constancy.

Thursday 15th. The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Lord, you chose Mary to serve you by bearing  your Son, help us, like her, to ponder in our hearts the wonder of your love as we seek to serve you.

Friday 16th
We pray for those who struggle to serve you because they feel they have no special gift to offer. Help us all to find our gifts, and to realise we serve you no matter how humble the task.

Saturday 17th.
We pray for all who will travel today, whether by road, rail, sea or air. Guard them and bring them safely to their destination.

Sunday 18th.
This is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it as we share fellowship together.

Monday 19th.
‘I lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help.’ Lord help us traverse the hills and valleys of this week.

Tuesday 20th.
We pray for the unity of God’s church. Lord, by your Holy Spirit, break down the barriers which divide us so we may truly love one another.

Wednesday 21st.
We pray for our fire and police services, who work through this and every day and night to keep us safe.

Thursday 22nd.
Prince of Peace, whose reward is the gift of peace, pour your peace into the hearts of all governments and peoples that conflict and discord may vanish and your peace be our one desire.

Friday 23rd
We pray for our friends in Magoma, for Charles their vicar, and for the whole community, that they may continue to grow in faith together.

Saturday 24th. St. Bartholomew.
Lord, we praise you for the saints who have served you in the past. Inspire people in every age to be your saints for today’s world.

Sunday 25th.
O God, give us grace to use aright this Holy Day, that it may be a day of resurrection to new life and a day to worship you in fellowship with the faithful.

Monday 26th. Summer Bank Holiday.
In this season of ripening fruits, help us to grow to our full fruition and development as your people in this place.

Tuesday 27th.
We pray for those who are sick. Draw close to them with your healing touch, for you alone can heal and restore us.

Wednesday 28th.
Lord, you were a refugee in Egypt. Move us by your Spirit to welcome the stranger who seeks asylum and a place to call home.

Thursday 29th
Look upon us in your mercy, that we who  follow the path of your will may continue in it to the end of our lives.

Friday 30th.
We pray for all pupils and teachers, that they may return from holidays refreshed and eager to start a new academic year.

Saturday 31st.
As we approach the start of another chapter in church life give, us grace to accept change gracefully, and recognise what we may leave and what we may take forward.