Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for December

Approaching Advent

God of December darkness and Christmas light,

please journey with me through this last month of the year. 

Deepen my longing, heighten my expectation, and make pregnant my hope.

I know that deep within my heart is a hidden Bethlehem:

A place where light shines with tender memories.

A place where angelic voices sing loud and clear.

A place of wonder and awe, delight and calm.

A place where the humility of the shepherds

and the wisdom of the Magi embrace.

God of December darkness and Christmas light,

please journey with me during these Advent days,

so that I may know and praise my Bethlehem moments.        



Wednesday 6th -  We pray for all Our Churches Together as they join for Rewind for Christmas. May we stand as one church to spread the hope of the true Christmas Story and the imminent birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ, The Light of the World.

Thursday 7th - Where two or three are gathered….

Father, we pray for our small groups, and for the  Nurture Group, giving you thanks for all we have shared together throughout the year. Thank you for the strong bonds we have formed, knowing we are there for each other in good times and in bad. May anyone looking for fellowship know they will be welcomed into any of our groups, where faith is explored and wonderful friendships made.

Friday 8th - We cannot imagine how Mary felt knowing she was carrying your precious Son, and we praise her courage and her deep faith. Help us to listen to what you might call us to do in your name, and instil in us the bravery of Mary to help us carry out your will.  

Saturday 9th - As the shops get busier, we thank you for all who work long hours in retail so we can prepare ourselves for Christmas. Give them patience and understanding towards us, the busy demanding shoppers, and remind us to share a kind word of thanks and Christmas goodwill with them at this hectic time.  

Sunday 10th - Creator God, come heal our world.

Father-Mother God, come rescue me from despair.

God of light, come break into my darkness. Amen.

Monday 11th - PEACE - We will love life and see good days if we turn from evil, do good and seek peace, for the Lord watches over the righteous and hears their prayers.

Tuesday 12th - Mary Poppins film night -  This magical, enigmatic character was sent to a mixed-up family bringing fun, adventure and closeness to the lives of two children who were so distant from their father. How lucky we are, that You, our God, when we were still far off, sent your Son to us to bring us closer to you. It’s just so Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but Amen works just as good!! 

Wednesday 13th - Soon our children will break up for their Christmas holidays, spending this last week enjoying parties, carol concerts and nativities. Thank you for the hard work and dedication of all the teachers in our schools who have the huge responsibility to educate and inspire our children. Give them patience and knowledge in abundance, oh and let them have a nice relaxing and refreshing  Christmas break too – they deserve it! 

Thursday 14th – JOY - We have inexpressible joy even though we have trials, because our faith is being tested and proven genuine. The end of this faith is the salvation of our souls.

Friday 15th - Parish Lunch - Today lots of our congregation and friends meet for the Parish Christmas Lunch. We are grateful that we can share this wonderful time together giving thanks for all involved in organising the lunch and preparing and serving our delicious food.

Saturday 16th - Lord, we pray for all who help and all who visit The Hub at St Luke’s today. Thank you for this time of fellowship where people can meet and enjoy a sandwich and a cuppa, and see first- hand your work happening right now in their community.

Sunday 17th - When they arrived in Bethlehem there was no room for them in the inn. Father, no matter how full we think our lives are with our own important things, help us to make room in our hearts for your Beloved Son.

Monday 18th _ LOVE - We can love one another with a pure heart because we have been born again through the Word of God, which lives and abides in us forever.

Tuesday 19th - As we prepare our lists and fill our homes with food for our Christmas meals, we pray for all who find Christmas a financial struggle. Thank you for the generosity of people donating to our foodbank, and may the food they have given help those in need enjoy a better Christmas. Amen.  

Wednesday 20th - Father, I find it is easy to think Christmas, and I find it is easy to believe Christmas,but most of the time I find it hard to act Christmas.

Thursday 21st - Original feast day of St Thomas the Apostle. - Jesus said to Thomas, “Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are those that have not seen, and yet have believed.

Friday 22nd - The shepherds in the fields were in fear when your angel came down to them.Lord, help us to shine in your glory, and be a willing shepherd of your flock on earth this Christmas and always.

Saturday 23rd - Father, it’s almost time for the ribbons, the glitter and the bows. While the children get excited about the presents they will receive, we pray that you will find a way to remind them of the real Christmas story and the gift you gave to  the world, wrapped not in shiny paper, but in swaddling bands laid in a manager. 

Sunday 24th - Christmas Eve - Lord, we do far too much celebrating your actual coming, but is it just in our hearts? I believe in God, but do I believe in God-in-me? I believe in God in heaven, but do I believe in God-on-earth? I believe in God out there, but do I believe in God-with-us? Lord, do not just be born in my heart, but come alive in me this Christmas! Amen.

Monday 25th - Christmas Day - The birth of Jesus made possible not just a new way of understanding life, but a new way of living it. Thank you O God, for giving us the greatest gift of all. Amen

Tuesday 26th - Feast day of St Stephen, the first Christian martyr. As Stephen was being stoned to death he asked forgiveness for his enemies and prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit, but Lord, do not hold this sin against them” 

Wednesday 27th – St John - Shed upon your Church, O Lord, the brightness of your light. That being enlightened by the teaching of John, we may walk in the light of your truth, and may attain to the fullness of eternal life through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thursday 28th - Today we pray for anyone spending Christmas time in a care home, and for those who have no family of their own to share this joyous time with. Thank you for our Young at Heart group who sing for them and may their songs bring happy memories to lighten their days.  

Friday 29th - The wise men followed a star to find their Messiah.  We do not arrive on camels or bring  expensive gifts, but our journey is just beginning when we find Him and we kneel at his feet.

Saturday 30th - What can I give him poor as I am.

If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb.

If I were a wise man, I would do my part.

Yet what I have I give Him, give my heart.

Sunday 31st - Dear God, as the old year leaves us, we thank you for all you have done for us this past twelve months and ask forgiveness for the times we have let you down. Make our new year’s resolution that we, “See thee more clearly, love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly, Day by day,” throughout 2018. Amen