Monthly Parish Prayer Diary




Prayer diary for December 2019


Prepared by Ruth May


As Christmas draws nearer and we are all

busy preparing for it, we can so easily be

concerned with the wrapping that we fail

to recognise the gift concealed within.


Sunday 1st – Baptism of Edith, Dexter and Billy

Baptised today in Jesus' name. May our heavenly Father always keep them in His loving care, as they begin their amazing journey of faith.


Monday 2nd – Rewind

We welcome the young people from our schools today. We give thanks for the members of our Churches Together who work to bring the Good News of our Lord to these children.


Tuesday 3rd

Our prayer today is for our Mother's Union as they meet for their Advent service. We remember, especially, our home members, who play a vital part in the life of the group.


Wednesday 4th

Lord, we bring before you the users of our Community hall, both those who regularly run activities, and those taking part in the rich variety of things on offer.


Thursday 5th

We pray for all those who have not heard Your Good News and are, therefore, without hope. Help us to spread Your Word and bring light and hope to all we meet.


Friday 6th Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c326

Comfort the afflicted, provide for the needy, strengthen the fearful, defend the oppressed.


Saturday 7th

Dear Lord, bless the marriage of Thomas and Helen. We ask that they share a wonderful day and that they grow in love and live together in mutual support and respect.


Sunday 8th

We thank you , Lord, for our young people and their leaders in KFC. The leaders bring the stories of Your works to life, and the young people bring life to our Church family.


Monday 9th

Today we pray for our friends in Magoma. May we all find mutual strength and joy in our relationship.


Tuesday 10th – Human rights day

We pray for those living under oppressive regimes and for those who suffer for speaking out against unjust practices. Lord, deliver them from evil.

Wednesday 11th

Lord, let us pray for our Clergy at the busiest time of our Church year. We thank you for their dedication and enthusiasm in sharing Your Word with us and the many new friends who will come through our door this month


Thursday 12th

We pray for the recipients of the Food bank. Instil in us a willingness to share with those who have little, when we have so much.


Friday 13th

Today is our Parish Christmas lunch. We thank you, Lord for the food, the friendship and the fellowship we share.



We bring before You, Lord, the volunteers in our Church, whether it be the Social committee, The Hub and the Call-in. Whether it be washing up or 'front of house'. They all work for our benefit in the glory of Your name.


Sunday 15th

Today we pray for our community, for the emergency services, for the police, fire and ambulance personnel, doctors, nurses and all who are called upon to work round the clock to keep us safe.


Monday 16th

Among the poor, among the proud; among the persecuted, among the privileged;

Christ is coming; He is coming to make all things new.


Tuesday 17th

In the private house, in the market place; at the Wedding feast, in the Judgement hall;

Christ is coming; He is coming to make all things new.


Wednesday 18th

With a gentle touch, with an angry word; with a clear conscience, with burning love;

Christ is coming; He is coming to make all things new.


Thursday 19th

That the Kingdom might come, that the world might believe;

that the powerful might stumble, that the humble might be roused;

Christ is coming; He is coming to make all things new.


Friday 20th

With in us, without us, among us, before us; in this place, in every place;

for this time, for all time;

Christ is coming; He is coming to make all things new.


Saturday 21st

Christmas can be a difficult time for many people. Lord please bestow comfort on those who suffer in body, mind or spirit. Bring them the peace that only You can give.




Sunday 22nd – Winter solstice

As the year turns, winter reminds us of the wonderful rhythm of God's creation. The countryside sleeps in Winter and within it lies all the potential of Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Monday 23rd

Lord, we bring before You the work of charities, worldwide or local, who help those in need of food and shelter, especially on these cold winter nights. We pray for all who bring comfort to those who need it most.


Tuesday 24th – Christmas eve

Christ comes at Christmas, Christ comes every day – look out for Him and listen to the Christmas message. 'Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet'. We thank you, Lord, for the coming of Your Son.


Wednesday 25th – Christmas day

Joy to the World, the Lord is come. Let Earth receive her King.

Let every heart prepare Him room, and Heaven and nature sing.


Thursday 26th – St. Stephen, first Christian martyr

We thank You for St. Stephen, who suffered for preaching the truth of Jesus Christ. May we share his courage when we speak of our faith to others


Friday 27th

Jesus, when I hear Your gentle knock on the door of my heart, may I open it and let Your wonderful light shine in.


Saturday 28th – Holy Innocents

Dear Lord, look down on our poor Earth, where children still suffer and die. Surround and protect the innocent throughout the world.


Sunday 29th

Lord, we remember today those Christians who are being persecuted for their faith. Give them Your love and courage to persevere and make us thankful that we can worship You fully and without fear.


Monday 30th

Jesus, as a baby You sought refuge in a foreign land. We pray for all those who's home is not a place of safety. Please Lord, guide them to a safe haven.


Tuesday 31st – New Year's Eve

As the Earth keeps turning, let us remember all people, one world, one humanity. Let us go forward into the new year in peace and hope and love.