Monthly Parish Prayer Diary


St. Paul's Church, Birkenshaw


Prayer diary for April 2019


Compiled by Ruth May


When April scatters charms of primrose gold,

Among the copper leaves in thickets old,

And singing skylarks from the meadows rise

To twinkle like black stars in sunny skies.


                                                  William Henry Davies


Monday 1st


The cross, we shall take it; the bread, we shall break it;

The life, we shall live it; the love we shall give it.


Tuesday 2nd


The joy, we shall know it; the peace we shall sow it;

The light, we shall cherish it; the darkness, God shall perish it.


Wednesday 3rd


Help us, this Lent, to come close to You and to listen to Your voice. Give us strength to overcome the temptation to please ourselves and live life without You.


Thursday 4th – Death of Dr. Martin Luther King 1968


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


Friday 5th


We pray for Ralph, Noeline, Sheila and Hilary. Give them strength to meet the many tasks ahead in this time of interregnum. Encourage us to say “Yes” to support them, so their burden may be shared by us all.


Saturday 6th


Father, we thank you for our family life. Help us, in our Church, to build, with You,the kind of family that welcomes all, the young, the old,the lonely and the needy. We are all precious in Your sight.


Sunday 7th – World Health day


We pray for all doctors and scientists who work in research, to find cures for debilitating or life-limiting illnesses. Please, Lord, bless their endeavours.


Monday 8th – Spotlight


Yesterday our latest edition of Spotlight came out. May it serve as outreach in the community, to show an example of how welcoming our Church is to all.


Tuesday 9th – Call-in


Today we think of those who visit our Church for a drink, a chat and some spiritual refreshment. We thank You for the helpers who work for the benefit of others.


Wednesday 10th – Magoma


We pray for our friends in Magoma and for Charles, their Vicar. May we all find mutual strength and joy in our relationship.


Thursday 11th


Father, we pray for all who have suffered deep loss. Come close to them in their sense of desolation, and keep them from bitterness or despair. Bring them a sense of Your nearness and Your consolation.


Friday 12th – Conversion of King Edwin 627


St. Paulinus converted King Edwin of Northumberland to Christianity, ministered to people in our own area and became the first Bishop of York. Let us follow his example and not be afraid to share our faith with others.


Saturday 13th – The Hub


Bless everyone at The Hub today, whether they are enjoying the food and company, preparing the orders or washing up. May all find fellowship together.


Sunday 14th – Palm Sunday


Dear Lord, we remember many who claimed You as King today, only to shout 'Crucify' on Friday. Confirm our faith today, that our love for You will never falter, but will remain constant, now and forever.


Monday 15th


Today is the start of the school holidays. Watch over our children as they play. Bring refreshment to the teachers. Let all in our schools be aware of the true meaning of Easter.


Tuesday 16th


We bring before you the homeless. There are so many people needing Your loving care. Walk with us as we collect for the food bank and clothes for St. Georges Crypt. Make us generous with time and with goods in Your name.


 Wednesday 17th


Dear Lord, we thank You for our Small groups. For the friendship, and fellowship; the laughter and sometimes the tears that we can experience and share when we are comfortable in each others company.


Thursday 18th – Maundy Thursday


As we think of Jesus, washing the feet of the disciples in the upper room - 'Not to be served but to serve'. Let us follow His example and put others before ourselves.


Friday 19th – Good Friday


' It is finished, Father into Your hands'. Jesus, who died for me, help me to live for Thee.


Saturday 20th – Holy Saturday


Lord, teach us that death is not the end. Teach us to hope always in You and the resurrection, the making of all things new.


Sunday 21st – Easter Day


He is risen indeed, Alleluia. Risen Lord, be present at our worship today as we celebrate Your redeeming love.


Monday 22nd – Earth day


We pray for greater responsibility in the use of the Earth's resources and a more even distribution of it's wealth. May we be more aware of our role in it's preservation.


Tuesday 23th – St. George's Day


O God, who granted St. George strength and constancy; we beseech you to preserve our faith from wavering and doubt, so that we may serve you faithfully with a sincere heart.


Wednesday 24th


We pray for the elderly and those in our care homes. Make them be treated with respect and dignity, always remember how special they are in the sight of Christ.


Thursday 25th


Father, we remember all those who bear suffering with courage and patience. Be close to them and grant them Your strength and Your peace.


Friday 26th


We pray for the unity of the Church; that all faiths and denominations may recognise that what we share is more important than those things that divide us.


 Saturday 27th


God, You are the source of love and You join us together in the miracle of friendship, marriage and family life. Let us remember all today who step together into married life.


Sunday 28th – St. Paul's APM


Our prayers today are for ourselves, as a Church. Let us join and work together to do Your will. Let us serve each other and our community, reflecting You love for each and every one of us, special in Your sight.


Monday 29th


We pray for all those who live in places where it is dangerous to follow the Christian faith. Lord, grant them the courage and strength to hold fast to You.


Tuesday 30th


Because of Good Friday, we can look back and not be afraid;

Because of Easter we can look ahead and not be afraid;

Because of Ascension day we can look up and not be afraid;

Because of Pentecost we can look inward and nor be afraid.


Accept these prayers for the sake of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, our Lord.