Monthly Parish Prayer Diary




St Paul’s Church


Prayer Diary


June 2019


'And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from His love.

Death can't and life can't.


The angels can't and the demons can't.

Our fears for today, our worries about
tomorrow and even the powers of hell can't keep God's love away.'

                                           Romans 8: 38-39


This Prayer Diary has been compiled by Sheila Fawcett

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Saturday 1st We thank you Lord for your compassion towards us and we trust ourselves into your loving care.  Where we are weak, make us strong. where we lack faith fill, us with confidence.
Heal our wounds.

Sunday 2nd. We pray for the Church around the world on this Sunday after Ascension Day. For all those who lead by example. Forgive those who have misused their authority and position of trust.

Monday 3rd.  May generosity and gentleness take the place of greed and aggression. May the whole world come to know of your love, freely given for all.

Tuesday 4th. We see the agony of people who care for their loved ones. those, who at some point have to let them go. Eternal God who scatters the stars in the sky. who watches the small sparrow fall, we give our loved ones into your everlasting arms.

Wednesday 5th. Circle me this day Lord
Let love be my reason, let hate be a stranger.
Circle me O Lord, let joy be my reason, let sadness be no more.

Thursday 6th. Lord we hold before you and ask for your grace to uphold and support all children of whatever age who have to support and with love make decisions on behalf of their elderly or infirm parents.

Friday 7th.  Here I am Lord, standing/kneeling/sitting before You. Examine my heart and show me your will for my life.

Saturday 8th. Healing Lord. May our hearts never harden to the suffering caused by the absence of peace. Please grant opportunities and the will to change.


Sunday 9th. Come Holy Spirit. Come to all who seek you. Stay with us. guide us. sustain us for we need You every day.


Monday 10th.  Eternal light shine in our hearts.

Eternal goodness, deliver us from all that is evil.

Stir in us Your true spirit.


Tuesday 11th. Bless all those who seek you

through prayer, whether they are said in the car, on a walk, in church or at home. The possibilities are endless, for You are with us always.


Wednesday 12th.  Kindle in our hearts, oh God the flame of love we feel towards others. A love which gives and not takes.


Thursday 13th.  Bless all who suffer today. All who are tired and weary. All those needing Your peace and calm.


Friday14th. Lord in Your compassion forgive us.

Forgive us for spoiling Your world by our carelessness and ignorance.


Saturday 15th. We pray today for children who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. those who suffer due to war and terror. those who are neglected and abused by their family or others.


Sunday 16th Father's Day. We pray for Fathers today. Lord, for those who have nurtured, loved and supported their children. Make us aware of difficulties in relationships, past and present. We ask that they themselves will be loved, supported and valued.


Monday 17th. We remember the elderly today Lord. Give them patience and courage to deal with the affairs of the day and strength to look to the future as the wheel of life unfolds. Help us show respect and treat all with dignity and understanding.


Tuesday 18th. Sustain and encourage those who support and tend the homeless and the destitute. all those who seek to help the refugee. Make us aware

of ways in which we can help.


Wednesday 19th. We thank you for our homes, food and water. Our friends and families. In Your love, change the hearts of the arrogant and the greedy, those who exploit others for their own gain.





Thursday 20th. Magoma Tanzinia our link Parish We pray for our friends that the gifts we exchange will be used wisely, especially to help the children who live on so little but are so joyful.


Friday 21st. ‘O Lord, You have searched me out and know me. You know my sitting and my rising. You understand my thoughts long before I do’ Psalm 139
Help us dear Father to hold onto these words when we doubt You.

Saturday 22nd. Dear Father our country seems so fractured and divided. We trust that our leaders will turn to You for guidance in these coming days.

Sunday 23rd. Guide the thoughts and words of all Your servants entrusted with the care of Your people. May they reach out and serve You and in so doing show the world Your love, comfort and assurance.

Monday 24th. Our wonderful, diverse summer weather! The beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Our country in its full summer clothes. We marvel at the complexity of all that You have created. We give You thanks.

Tuesday 25th. Psalm 121. 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh even from the Lord; who hath made heaven and earth' Indeed this is so. Kindle this faith in our hearts dear Father as we all face difficult, testing times.
Wednesday 26th. We pray today for the Baby and Toddler group who meet today in Church. Enrich their time together as parents seek company and the chance to share experiences with one another.

Thursday 27th. Psalm 46. 'God is our hope and strength. a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth be moved and though the hills be carried into the midst of the sea'. Give us courage O Lord as we see destruction caused by natural forces.

Friday 28th. We pray for all those who keep us safe. Our armed forces, the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Lifeboat and Air Rescue Services. For all doctors, nurses, care givers and those who support these services.

Saturday 29th 'Justice and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life'. These words come to mind as today we pray for all those working with people who are in the courts of our land and those who are in prison.

Sunday 30th. Lord, help us in our doubt and
unbelief. Help us today to accept what our minds cannot understand as we meet to read Your word.

Merciful Father accept our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen