Remembrance Sunday 2018

Remembrance Sunday 2018

This year’s Remembrance Sunday commemorations on 11th November will be particularly poignant as they mark 100 years to the day since the end of World War One. We will holding a Service of Remembrance at St Paul's birkenshaw at 9.30am before parading up to East Bierley for the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial at 10.45am

This year, to reflect the 100th anniversary of the end of the war, we intend to remember by name all of the men from our community who died in World War One. We will read their names out in the service at St Paul’s and a small wooden cross for each man will be carried in the parade to East Bierley where it will be planted in a special Field of Remembrance by the War Memorial. 

We would particularly like the crosses to be carried, where possible, by descendants of the men who died.  Below is a list of the men from our community who fell in the First World War. We would invite any descendants of the men who would like to be involved in the service to contact the Vicar Danny Walker on 01274 – 683776.

G .Ashworth    W. Ball    S. Battye   W. Baxendale    C. Brook

R. Butterfield   G.E. Bush       J. Collett          H.M. Crossland

H.Y. Crossland    L. Clayton        P. Clayton        J. Craven

W.N. Coates    C. Crowther     P. Day     J. Dobson       

W. Davison     F.W. Davison H. Davidson    H. Dickinson  

A. Ellison        H. Firth           S. Garbutt        G. Goodman   J. Hare

W. Hare           F. Hartley        R. Hartley        L. Healey        

H. Hepworth   W. Hall         T. Hargreaves  S. Huggins       R. Jackson

W. Jackson      J.H. Jackson     E. Jowitt          P. Jewitt          

F. Kershaw      H. Kershaw     W. Kershaw     F. Knott          E. Kaye

E  Lawlye        R. Mallpress     V. Mallpress    A. Matley         W. Midgley

I. Milner          H. Morton      P.S. Muff         J. Mennells      

James Noller    Joseph Noller   J.L. Oddy         J.W. Oliver     

J.E. Oldroyd    J.L. Oldroyd    L. Preston        H. Potter         H. Parker

J.H. Robertshaw      J. Rowlands     H. Rees            J.J. Sayers

G. Simpson      H. Sharpe        H. Schofield    T.D. Spence   

H. Swintinbank       D. Smith     E. Theakstone   L. Thorpe

P. Tolson         J. Tasker          L.E. Thompson                      

H  Thornton    H. Verity         H. Walker        R. Walker        W.Watson

R. Walsworth   W. Whitlam     E. Wiley          J.Woodcock    

S. Wilson Jnr