Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

St. Paul's Church, Birkenshaw


Prayer diary    May 2020


Compiled by Ruth May


Ode to May

Queen of months, supremely fair,

Cloth'd with garments rich and rare,

None in beauty can compare

With thee, sweet May


Fri  1st – May day

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above,

Then thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love.


Sat 2nd

O God, the source of all light, may we bring salt and light to Your world,

drawing out Your presence in the everyday........


Sun 3rd

…..As we offer You our lives, shape us as disciples,

that we may reflect Your goodness and radiate Your light.


Mon 4th

O God of all creation, before whom all the flowers of the fields bow down,

as with gratitude we recognise Your provision and possibility for all the Earth.......


Tues 5th

…..clothe us in Your humble beauty and draw us to the new simplicity

that Jesus reveals within us.


Wed 6th

We pray for the homeless who have nowhere to call their own.

Pour out Your love on them and give them hope for a better future.


Thurs 7th

Lord, we bring before You those who are coping with illness. We ask that You will be with them

in their suffering and give them relief from their pain.


Fri 8th – V E day, 75th anniversary

Today we remember the brave men and women who fought and served. Giving their own lives that we might live in freedom. May we never forget their actions and their sacrifice.




Sat 9th

O God of wholeness and hope, healer of broken hearts, homes and communities,

impel us towards one another in acts of peace.....


Sun 10th

…..teach us to recognise and reconcile our conflicts,

and to show forth Your Kingdom.


Mon 11th

O God of all we are and have, in the face of oppression help us to release to You

all that which holds us back; to give up gladly all the burdens that we carry.


Tues 12th – Florence Nightingale born 1820

Dear Lord we thank You for the dedication of our Doctors, nurses, carers and everyone in our NHS. We are truly blessed to have these people working for our good.


Wed 13th

O God,who in Jesus gave us an example of how to embrace pain and opposition,

as we enjoy both the sunshine and rain in our lives......


Thurs 14th

…...from our common humanity help us to pray intently for the redeeming

and blessing of our blue and green planet.


Fri 15th – International day of Families

God, You are the source of love. You join us together in the miracle of friendship,

marriage and family life. Let faithfulness, freshness and unselfishness

fill the deep relationships we cherish.


Sat 16th

Jesus said, 'I am come that you might have life,

and might have it more abundantly.    John  ch 10, v 10


Sun 17th – Rogation Sunday

Bless this good earth and make it fruitful.

Bless our labour and give us the things needed for our daily lives.

Bless the homes of our Parish and all who live within them.

Bless our common life and our care for our neighbours.


Mon 18th

O God of star and stable, of wealth and poverty, darkness and light,

we travel across a divided world to come to You.....


Tues 19th

…..In time of turmoil may we find hope, do our homage,

and find our gifts welcomed, gently extended to the world You love.


Wed 20th

We ask for Your blessing on the work of Churches Together,

that we may learn that what unites us is more important than the barriers that divide us.


Thurs 21st – Ascension Day

Lord, when You had completed Your work, You returned to Your heavenly place

at God's right hand. Grant us the grace to follow Your example,

showing Your work in this world.


Fri 22nd

Thank You Father, for the promise of forgiveness made possible by Jesus.

May that promise lighten the darkest of our days.


Sat 23rd

Dear Lord, bless all who are struggling with the demands of their daily lives.

Wrap Your loving arms around them and give them the strength to carry on.


Sun 24th

Let us pray for the Christian Church throughout the world, of which we are all part.

Help us to show others, by our example, the joy of loving You.


Mon 25th

We especially remember Christians across the globe who are afraid the declare their faith,

who risk torture and even death to follow you. May we not become complacent in the ease

of our ability to worship.


Tues 26th

Living God, let us remember the needs of the poor, and the poor of heart and mind.

When we have so much, let us give freely with a glad heart to those who have little.


Wed 27th

O God of peace, in the quiet room and the few words,

You know the deep needs of our hearts and the ache of our longing.....


Thurs 28th

…..In silence, sit with us until we know we are heard

and can confidently make our reply.


Fri 29th

O God of the shared burden, through the tiring day our anxieties and cares

make it difficult for us to recognise the companionship of Your Son....


Sat 30th

…...Help us to welcome His offer of exchange and place

His light and loving words where they can bring relief.



Sun 31st – Pentecost

Holy Spirit, mighty wind of God, inhabit our darkness, brood over our abyss

and speak to our chaos. That we may breathe with Your life and share Your creation,

In the power of Jesus Christ.    Amen




Take, O take me as I am,

summon out what I will be,

Set your seal upon my heart

and live in me.