St Paul's Library

We have a wide selction of books and DVDs available to borrow free of charge at St Paul's.



Mark for Everyone

Tom Wright

Matthew for Everyone Part 1

Tom Wright

Matthew for Everyone Part 2

Tom Wright

Luke for Everyone

Tom Wright

John for Everyone - Part 1

Tom Wright

John for  Everyone  - Part 2

Tom Wright

Simply Christian

Tom Wright


Eugene H. Peterson

Roget's Thesaurus of The Bible

A. Colin Day

The Lion Christian Poetry Collection

Mary Batchelor

The Lion Prayer Collection

Mary Batchelor

The Lion Bible Quotation Collection

Martin Manser

A History of Christianity

Owen Chadwick

Faith Confirmed

Peter Jackson & Chris Wright

Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition


Anglicanism - A Very Short Introduction

Mark Chapman

How to Read the Bible in Church

Anna de Lange & Liz Simpson

The Hodder Dictionary of Bible Themes



David Healey

Mark (Follow Me)

James Hoover

Christian Character

Andrea Sterk & Peter Scazzero

Praying the Scriptures


A Way Through the Wilderness

Paula Gooder

Run with the Horses

Eugene Patterson

How to Explain Your Faith

John Pritchard

The Gospel of John - Vol 1

William Barclay

The Gospel of John - Vol 2

William Barclay

The Gospel of Mark

William Barclay

The Gospel of Luke

William Barclay

Paul for Everyone - Romans - Part 2

Tom Wright

The Intercessions Handbook

John Pritchard

The Second Intercessions Handbook

John Pritchard

Responding to a World in Need

Nick Fawcett

Finding God in the Questions

Dr Timothy Johnson

More Than Words

Philip Yancey/James Calvin Schaap



1&2 Samuel

Harry Mowvley


Michael Tunnicliffe

Nahum to Malachi

Grace Emmerson

1&2 Kings

Stephen B. Dawes

The Little Book of Advent

Arthur Howells

Reflections for Advent

Maggie Dawn & Barbara Mosse

Barefoot Ways

Stephen Cherry

Haphazard by Starlight

Janet Morley

Comings and Goings

Gordon Giles

Prayers for the people

ed. Michael Perry

James to Jude

Francis J. Moloney

Galatians and 1&2 Thessalonians

John Fenton

1 Corinthians

Jerome Murphy O Connor

2 Corinthians

Aida Besancon Spencer

Timothy, Titus & Hebrews

Dick France

The Conclave

Michael Walsh

Simply Christian

Tom Wright

Letters and Papers from Prison

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Truce of God

Rowan Williams

Friends, Foes and Families (Lenten Meditations)

Judith Dimond

Disciples Together

Roger L Walton

The Passion (BBC DVD)


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (DVD)


The Terminal (DVD)


The Nativity (DVD)


Jesus Christ Superstar (DVD)


The Way (DVD)


The Walk (DVD)


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (DVD)


The Miracle Maker (DVD)


The Front (DVD)