Calling of Banns

Banns of Marriage

Banns are where notice of your wedding is given in church according to a legal custom. On these occasions, everyone in church will be praying for you.

Banns are called during the morning service on the first three Sundays of the month before your wedding.

We warmly invite you to join in worship with our regular congregation as you prepare for your wedding and in due course hear your banns being read. A warm welcome awaits you at our services.

If you both reside in this parish the banns will only have to be called here.

However if one of you resides in another parish you will need to make arrangements to have the banns called there as well. (You can find the details of the nearest church to where you live on the website or alternatively we can help you to identify your parish church) The other church will make a small charge for calling the banns and after they have been called they will give you a banns certificate which you need to bring with you to your wedding rehearsal.