The Wedding Rehearsal

We will usually hold a rehearsal with you a few days before your wedding. There are no restrictions on who can attend the rehearsal and it is a good idea to invite along to it anyone who will have a role during the service.

During the rehearsal we will walk you through the wedding service so that on your big day you will know exactly what to expect and where you will be at each part of the service. The rehearsal also provides an opportunity for anyone who is going to be reading at the service to see where they will be reading from and to have a dummy run.

We want your wedding day to be as stress free as possible so please use the wedding rehearsal to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you might have about the wedding service.

We try to make the wedding rehearsals as informal and relaxed as possible, most couples find that it helps to calm their nerves and get them ready for their special day.