The Wedding Service

Many couples have an order of service printed for their guests which contains the words of the hymns and the headings for the key parts of the service. Many guests treasure the order of service as a reminder of the happy day.

We will be happy to advise you on what to include in your order of service and you will need to ask him to check it before it is printed so that he can ensure that all the necessary elements have been included and are in the right place.

A typical order of service would have the details of the wedding on the front cover and inside might include:

  • Title of music to be played as the bride enters the church
  • Greeting and Opening Prayer
  • First Hymn (words to the first hymn)
  • Bible Reading (Title of book, chapter and verse eg: Mark, Chapter 10, verses 6-9)
  • The Marriage Ceremony
  • The Blessing of the Marriage
  • Hymn (Words to the second hymn)
  • The Prayers
  • The Lord’s Prayer (You may wish to include the full text of the Lord’s prayer here
  • The Dismissal
  • The Final Hymn (Words to the third hymn)
  • The Signing of the Registers (Title of music, is any, to be played during the signing of the registers)
  • Title of Music to be played as you leave church